ADVnor verdier

ADVnor accelerate shareholder value

ADVnor is the right partner for owners, board of directors or top management of private companies who seeks rapid growth on their shareholder value through targeted and marked oriented development of the company.

ADVnor is based in Norway and works for the shareholders, board of directors and top management of its client companies. ADVnor delivers in-depth analyses, knowledge, and experience, as a basis for excellent business advice to its principals. ADVnor combines this with its ability to execute necessary changes, to accelerate performance and therefore shareholder value.

ADVnor delivers a 3 tier program to enable its client companies owners and inverstors to deliver the full potential of their enterprise, and to enter into a position which will realize the true value of their investment

What is the ADVance Program?

The program uses a 3-stage approach on the company:

  • Assess; in dept analyses
  • Develop; step by step improvement on the business model and day to day business approach
  • Value; ensure capitalization on the investment for possible sale or other transactions

The program enables the company to new and higher level in terms of Shareholder Value.

The program assesses the assets, the IP, and the value of the company using the same metrics and parameters used by Investment Bankers, M&A Agencies, Industry Acquirers, and Venture Capital Firms.

With the help of a senior team of experienced C-level managers as well as especially conceived tools and methods, the company is quickly developed into a stage where it can deliver the shareholder’s value envisaged by the owners and the management.

The ADVance program examines each component that comprises the valuation of the company, as illustrated in the “Corporate Value Pyramid”.

For each segment of the pyramid tools and methods are used for measuring and improving performance.